T&T Police Credit Union

logo-policeTrinidad & Tobago Police Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited  

 Addresses :

#61 Tenth Street, Barataria
 Tobago: Mt. Marie Road, Scarborough, Tobago
 Sangre Grande: Lp#903 Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande
 San Fernando: 17-19 Irving Street, San Fernando
 Consumer/Loans Centre: #62 Tenth Street, Barataria


 Barataria: 674-6514 / 0963 / 4681 ; 675-1296
 Tobago: 639-4155
 Sangre Grande: 668-2554
 San Fernando: 652-1587
 Fax Numbers:

 Barataria/Loans Centre: 674-0160 / 675-5604
 Consumer: 638-7082
 Tobago: 639-4155
 Sangre Grande: 668-2554
 San Fernando: 653-1294

Email :


Bond of Membership :

  Police Officers: 60%
  Civilian (Paramilitary included): 40%

Website :



Product & Services Offered  :

  • Shares
  • Savings/Deposit
  • Deposit Advantage
  • Loans
  • LinCU
  • Group Health Plan
  • CUNA Family Indemity Pllan
  • Agents of COLFIRE & Unit Trust Teleserve


History :

The Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Credit Union was established on the 12th October 1956 at the             Police Headquarters, Port of Spain, with theintention that all members of the 'force' as it was then called, would be eligible for membership.
The Credit Union owes its existence to the inability of Police Officers to obtain loans from other lending institutions because the Police Ordinance Chapter II No. 1 protected Police Officers from being sued.
Out of this untenable situation the idea of the Credit Union emerged to assist Police Officers to meet their financial needs.
The supreme authority of the Credit Union lies in the hands of the members collectively at a properly constituted General meeting held annually and which gives each member present the right to vote on all matters properly brought up before the meeting. The Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Supervisory
Committee, Education Committee together form the strong structural foundation of our Society.