Share & Deposit Guarantee Program

Insurance on Shares & Deposits held by members (individuals who are members of Credit Unions) in the event of a failed Credit Union. This means that if, for any reason, a Credit Union should go into Liquidation, all members belonging to that credit union will receive protection of their unencumbered funds of up to $125,000 on Shares and $50,000 on Deposits.

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Technical Assistance

Membership of the TTCUDIF allows Credit Union organizations the opportunity to draw on the extensive expertise of the Directors of the TTCUDIF and a huge network of finance, leadership and governance related experts approved by the TTCUDIF.

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Education & Training

Provides Education and Training to Board of Directors, Credit Committee, Supervisory Committee, staff, Mangement and aspiring leaders of Credit Unions.

Some of which include:

Wealth and Investment Management

Strategic leadership

Credit Union Governance

Functions of the Committees

  • Board
  • Credit
  • Supervisory
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About us

The TTCUDIF provides insurance against the loss of Shares and Deposits held by Members in their Credit Unions provided that their Credit Unions are members of TTCUDIF. A provision of coverage on unencumbered (net) shares and deposits of $125,000 (shares) and $50,000 (deposits) is offered to all our members. In essence, we promote and otherwise contribute to the overall stability of the Credit Union fraternity in T&T.

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