Transcorp Credit Union


transcorpTranscorp Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited


Address: #60 Fifth Street, Barataria

Address of Sub- offices: San Fernando

Suite 1, Top Floor, Cathay House

Carlton Centre





Shell 15, Level 3, NIB Mall Scarborough

Contact No.: Head Office-675-3053, 674-6940, 674-9991

San Fernando- 657-9245

Tobago- 639-3847

Fax Number: Head Office-674-7674

San Fernando-657-9245

Tobago- 639-2274

Bond of Membership: Membership is open to the general public



Product & Services:          Part owners of the Credit Union

Dividends paid annually on share savings

Low interest rate on all loans

Family Indemnity Plan covers you (the member) and five (5) other family members. Maximum benefit $40,000.00

Free Insurance on Loan Protection and Life Savings

Wealth Builder & Interest offered

Bank & Embassy Letters

Internal/ External Standing Order Payments

Fixed Deposit & Interest

Funeral Grant – Maximum $4,500.00

Vehicle loans – purchase & insurance

School Book Loans

Education Loans

Special Loans – Same day cash

Christmas Voucher Loans

Consumer Loans – all types of expenditure





History of Transcorp Credit Union

The Credit Union was started on the compound of PTSC in July 1966. The officially registered on July 7th 1969.

Our original name was PTSC Credit Union Co- operative Society, until the board of directors decided to expand beyond PTSCmembership. Where in 1999, the name was changed to Transcorp Credit Union Co- operative Society Limited and there membership was opened to the general public.