Usine Ste Madeleine Credit Union


Usine Ste Madeleine Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

(Office) Usine Ste. Madeleine, San Fernando

(Mailing) P.O. Box 7772, La Romain

1-868-698-2589, 1-868-468-1317

Fax: 1-868-698-2589

Email -

Bond of Membership

All persons 18 years and over are eligible for membership at the discretion of the Board.

Products & Services Offered

  • Savings Accounts
  • Loans
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Life Savings
  • Loan Protection Insurance
  • Family Indemnity Plan (Cuna)

Brief History

The Usine Ste. Madeleine Credit Union Co-operative Society Ltd. formerly Caroni Ltd. (Ste. Madeleine) Employees Co-operative Society Ltd. was established in 1963 with twelve members. As at 31/12/09 the membership stands at 500 with a Share Capital of $17.5M. and Assets of $59.8M.In our quest for excellence and service to our members, since 1985-2000 we have declared a dividend of 8% the maximum requirement that could have been paid by any  Credit Union. Since the removal of the 8% ceiling payable on dividends we have paid a dividend of 9% until the year 2005. Proudly, for the year 2006 and 2007 we declared a dividend of 10.5% and for 2008 a dividend of 9% was declared.