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Airport Authority Credit Union

Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Employees Credit Union Co-operative Society Limted

Old South Terminal, Golden Grove Road, Piarco

Branch Office: Crown Point, Tobago

868-669-4135 and 868-669-5566

Fax: 868-669-4135


Bond of Membership:

Employees, Concessionnaires and tenants

Products and Services

  • Regular Loans

  • Travel Loans

  • Education Loans

  • Car Loans

  • Quick Cash Loan

  • Christmas Loans

  • Book Loans

Brief History

Airport Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Employees Credit Union was registered on the 13th November 1985 and was situated at the Administrative Centre, Caroni North Bank Road, Piarco. At present the total membership is approximately six hundred and ninety (690).

Bethel Credit Union

logo-bethelBethel Credit Union Co-operative Society limited

Bethlehem road, Bethel, Tobago

Address of sub offices: Mt. Marie Lower Scarborough, Tobago

639-8226; 631-0006: 639-3003

Fax number: 639-8226 ext 229 or 639-3003

Email :

Bond of Membership

All persons who reside, associate, and/or work in the parishes of St. Patrick, St. David and St. Andrew shall be eligible for membership.

Products and Services

  • Shares
  • Deposit
  • Fixed deposit
  • Loan

Watch Words: "THINK, PLAN, SAVE"

Consolidated Telephone Credit Union


Consolidated Telephones Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

37B, Circular Road, San-Fernando

Started August 1953, registered 8th February 1954.


Fax no: 652-2105

Email :


Employees and retired employees of T.S.T.T., their spouses and children as well as employees of the Credit Union.


  • Fixed Deposits

  • Family Indemnity Plan

  • C.U.N.A.


  • Vehicular Loans

  • Furniture & Appliance Loans

  • Special Loans

  • Ordinary Loans

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Short term Loans

Guaymay Alliance Credit Union

gacuGuaymay Alliance Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited

Persad's Building, #3 Guauaguayare Road, Mayaro

868-630-5596 and 868-630-5597

Fax: 868-630-5595



Products and Services

  • Share Savings
  • Deposit Account
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Loans

Independent Credit Union

Independent Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

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Mt. Pleasant Credit Union

Mt. Pleasant Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

Holman James Centre, Carnbee Tobago

639-8375 / 8902

Milford Road, Bon Accord, Tobago

639-8108 (Bon Accord)


Bond of Membership:

Membership is open to all persons

Products and Services

  • Shares
  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Fixed Deposits
  • FIP Plan
  • Health Plan
  • Golden Harvest

Brief History

Was established in 1950, celebrating 60 years this year (2010).

First President, Henry Archer. First credit union to be involved with land development - first at Bon Accord then at Bacolet.

Progressive Credit Union

Progressive Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

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St Theresa's (Woodbrook) Credit Union

St Theresa's (Woodbrook) Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

c/o 47 Petra Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain

1-868-779-6211 (President - I Joseph)

1-868-685-6833 (Treasurer - K Gittens)

Bond of Membership

(a) All persons of good character who may have ties with the Parish of St Theresa's Woodbrook or are ordinarily resident in the Parish

(b) Permanent employees of the Society who are 16 years of age and over

(c) Other registered co-operative societies in Trinidad and Tobago

Products & Services

  • Loans

T&T Fire Service Credit Union

logo-fireTrinidad and Tobago Fire Service Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

5-7 Donald Street, Woodbrook

Other Locations:

73a Rushworth, San Fernando

Rocklyvale Road, Scarborough, Tobago

1-868-623-5453 / 5455



Fax: 625-0017


Bond Of Membership:

(a) Members of the Tinidad and Tobago Fire Service and their immediate family ( i.e spouse, children and parents).

(b) Members of the Auxillary Arm of the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service.

(c) Civilian employees employed and paid by the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service.

(d) Staff of the Fire Service Credit Union and the Fire Service Association.

Products and Services offered:

  • Share Loan @ 0.80% interest
  • General Loan @ 1.2% interest
  • Demand Loan @ 2% interest
  • Christmas Loan @ 10% interest
  • Retiree Loan @ 1.2% interest
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance Coverage
  • Premium Savings Plan - interest rates ranges frin 5% to 8%
  • SAGE  Medical Plan (Provider - Sagicor)
  • UTC Agency

T&T Police Credit Union

logo-policeTrinidad & Tobago Police Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited  

 Addresses :

#61 Tenth Street, Barataria
 Tobago: Mt. Marie Road, Scarborough, Tobago
 Sangre Grande: Lp#903 Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande
 San Fernando: 17-19 Irving Street, San Fernando
 Consumer/Loans Centre: #62 Tenth Street, Barataria


 Barataria: 674-6514 / 0963 / 4681 ; 675-1296
 Tobago: 639-4155
 Sangre Grande: 668-2554
 San Fernando: 652-1587
 Fax Numbers:

 Barataria/Loans Centre: 674-0160 / 675-5604
 Consumer: 638-7082
 Tobago: 639-4155
 Sangre Grande: 668-2554
 San Fernando: 653-1294

Email :

Bond of Membership :

  Police Officers: 60%
  Civilian (Paramilitary included): 40%

Website :


Product & Services Offered  :

  • Shares
  • Savings/Deposit
  • Deposit Advantage
  • Loans
  • LinCU
  • Group Health Plan
  • CUNA Family Indemity Pllan
  • Agents of COLFIRE & Unit Trust Teleserve


History :

The Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Credit Union was established on the 12th October 1956 at the             Police Headquarters, Port of Spain, with theintention that all members of the 'force' as it was then called, would be eligible for membership.
The Credit Union owes its existence to the inability of Police Officers to obtain loans from other lending institutions because the Police Ordinance Chapter II No. 1 protected Police Officers from being sued.
Out of this untenable situation the idea of the Credit Union emerged to assist Police Officers to meet their financial needs.
The supreme authority of the Credit Union lies in the hands of the members collectively at a properly constituted General meeting held annually and which gives each member present the right to vote on all matters properly brought up before the meeting. The Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Supervisory
Committee, Education Committee together form the strong structural foundation of our Society.

Tateco (North) Credit Union

tatecoTateco Credit Union Co-Operative Society Limited

33-37 Park Street, Port of Spain.



Branch Office: 32 Wilson Road, Scarborough, Tobago




Bond Of Membership:

  • All persons within the employ of T&TEC or any other Company involved in the generation, transmission and/or distribution of electricity in Trinidad and Tobago, the Society and their families.
  • All retirees of T&TEC or any other (generating) company as above, but within one (1) year of retirement.
  • Spouse/cohabitants/beneficiary of members, may join within one (1) year of the demise of the said member.

Products and Services

  • Shares/Loan Protection

What better way to invest, than with a financial institution whose member’s loans and shares are automatically insured.

This insurance coverage protect qualifying members who are declared medically unfit to work, by repaying their existing loans up to a maximum of $85,000.

The Share coverage also guarantees a similar payment to Shares up to a maximum of $35,000. thereby creating some measure of relief for the beneficiary.

  • Standing Order

Time is money, so why wastes it with those lengthy waits in queues at the bank, utility or cable company.
With our standing order facility, you can pay bills, Premiums, loan installments etc. from your account each and every month at a cost of $4.00 per transaction.

Our standing order service is efficient ensuring that orders reach their destination before the ending of each month.

  • Adult Education Classes

Tateco Credit Union also host seminars such as the Especially For you ( E.F.Y) specially designed to assist members to prepare for retirement. Listed below are some of the courses offered:

  • Financial planning
  • Basic auto repairs
  • Floral arrangement
  • The art of make up
  • Home décor
  • Drapery Making
  • Cake decorating

Family Indemnity Plan


Brief History

tatecoOne of the founding fathers was Mr. E. Gibbs and who was the first President.

In 1962 after the devastating hurricane Flora in Tobago, the employees of TTEC, Tobago became members. Our Tobago Office operated from the desk drawer of Mr. Hilton Bonas and has now grown to over 500 members.

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Telephone Workers Credit Union

logo-teleTelephone Workers Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

105/107 Henry Street, Port of Spain

1-868-623-3441, 4444, 4862

Fax : 1-868-627-0822

Email Address:
Bond of Membership: 

Only TSTT employees, spouses and their children are allowed to join our Credit Union.

Products & Services offered

We offer fixed deposits with rates at 7%, 7.5% and 8%, character loans and hire purchase loans for furniture/appliances and for vehicles and also financial statements for business purposes and financial counselling. We also offer both educational and skilled courses.

A brief history of TWCU

From the then Trinidad Consolidated Telephone Company at 54
Frederick Street with the Main Exchange located at 61-67 Henry Street, Port of Spain, the TWCU was organized on May 25, 1950 and registered on June 17 of the same year.  They began with a membership of thirty-eight employees of the Company with a Share Capital of fifty-one dollars ($51.00). Through the good graces of the Company, the Credit Union was given an office which was known as the "River", for there were several leaks and when it rained the place just flooded.  Since that time, the Credit Union has made significant strides, as a result of dedicated officers and committed staff, the organization now has a membership of over five thousand  (5000) members and assets of $516M.

Transcorp Credit Union


transcorpTranscorp Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited


Address: #60 Fifth Street, Barataria

Address of Sub- offices: San Fernando

Suite 1, Top Floor, Cathay House

Carlton Centre





Shell 15, Level 3, NIB Mall Scarborough

Contact No.: Head Office-675-3053, 674-6940, 674-9991

San Fernando- 657-9245

Tobago- 639-3847

Fax Number: Head Office-674-7674

San Fernando-657-9245

Tobago- 639-2274

Bond of Membership: Membership is open to the general public



Product & Services:          Part owners of the Credit Union

Dividends paid annually on share savings

Low interest rate on all loans

Family Indemnity Plan covers you (the member) and five (5) other family members. Maximum benefit $40,000.00

Free Insurance on Loan Protection and Life Savings

Wealth Builder & Interest offered

Bank & Embassy Letters

Internal/ External Standing Order Payments

Fixed Deposit & Interest

Funeral Grant – Maximum $4,500.00

Vehicle loans – purchase & insurance

School Book Loans

Education Loans

Special Loans – Same day cash

Christmas Voucher Loans

Consumer Loans – all types of expenditure





History of Transcorp Credit Union

The Credit Union was started on the compound of PTSC in July 1966. The officially registered on July 7th 1969.

Our original name was PTSC Credit Union Co- operative Society, until the board of directors decided to expand beyond PTSCmembership. Where in 1999, the name was changed to Transcorp Credit Union Co- operative Society Limited and there membership was opened to the general public.



Usine Ste Madeleine Credit Union


Usine Ste Madeleine Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited

(Office) Usine Ste. Madeleine, San Fernando

(Mailing) P.O. Box 7772, La Romain

1-868-698-2589, 1-868-468-1317

Fax: 1-868-698-2589

Email -

Bond of Membership

All persons 18 years and over are eligible for membership at the discretion of the Board.

Products & Services Offered

  • Savings Accounts
  • Loans
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Life Savings
  • Loan Protection Insurance
  • Family Indemnity Plan (Cuna)

Brief History

The Usine Ste. Madeleine Credit Union Co-operative Society Ltd. formerly Caroni Ltd. (Ste. Madeleine) Employees Co-operative Society Ltd. was established in 1963 with twelve members. As at 31/12/09 the membership stands at 500 with a Share Capital of $17.5M. and Assets of $59.8M.In our quest for excellence and service to our members, since 1985-2000 we have declared a dividend of 8% the maximum requirement that could have been paid by any  Credit Union. Since the removal of the 8% ceiling payable on dividends we have paid a dividend of 9% until the year 2005. Proudly, for the year 2006 and 2007 we declared a dividend of 10.5% and for 2008 a dividend of 9% was declared.